Just hanging around…

Rose is getting more and more mobile as the days go along.  Tonight I saw her do a real hand/knee/hand/knee crawl.  Anything to get her to mommy.  🙂

 Because of this increased mobility, we are really having to keep things picked up and daily are finding things she can pull down, pick up and put in her mouth.  Once she spots something she wants watch out!  She is going to crawl, roll, scootch or a combination thereof to get to it.  No remote or phone is safe!
Sometime though she finds herself in positions she didn’t expect.
“Umm, now what?”
“I’m stuck!  I’m stuck! Ooo, feet!”
We have found that the best entertainment around is putting her on the floor and just watching her move herself around from toy to couch to remote to random ‘thing’ on the floor and get pure joy from the innocent discovery of new textures and tastes.
Even Daddy’s are yummy.

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