Life on the ‘Ranch’

Steve and I live on 5 acres out in the rural area of Northern California.  Our little ‘ranch’ doesn’t have cows, chickens or pigs like standard ranches but we do have two really cute horses and lots of wild turkeys, deer and rabbits.  Located on the side of a hill we have a stunning view of the valley.  On a winter morning the fog rolls in and hangs around the base of the hillside.


On this property we have two very cute horses.  One is a Peruvian Paso named Pedazo de Oro or Dancer for short.  I have owned him since the first year we had the property.  He is the sweetest most wonderful horse who brightens my day just be giving me his patented come scratch me look.

“Aren’t I cute?”

7-23-05 031_edited

Steve’s horse is a Missouri Fox Trotter named Ranger.  Rangers not as snuggly as as Dancer but his intelligence and curious personality makes him a joy to be around.

Because no post would be complete without pictures of Rose….   Since Rose came around we haven’t had the time to do as much work on the property as we would like.  However, on a beautiful day like today we couldn’t pass the opportunity to do the most important thing that needs to be done on horse property.  Scoop poop.  So we packed up Rose into her Bjorn and showed her what her chore are going to be once she is a little older.  She loved being out there.  She looked around and giggled and talked to the horses the whole time.
“Ummm, I don’t think so Mom.  That looks like WORK!”

Surveying her domain.

She was fascinated by the feel and look of the green grass and brown dirt.  I bet she wondered what it tasted like too.  🙂

Dancer came over for scratchies and Rose was happy to oblige.


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