Ah teething.  The process in which parents would gladly pull out their own teeth and give them to their child just to stop the crabbiness.  I haven’t figured out the evolutionary reason why babies are born without their teeth thus forcing them to go through the torture of having hard objects being shoved through the skin of their gums.  Although thoughts of newborns learning how to latch with a full set of teeth sends shivers up my spine.  Maybe it was survival of the fittest.  lol!

“Mmmm, Daddy your fingers are much better than my own.  I can chew all I want and they don’t hurt!”


“What?!  Your fingers are getting sore?  Fine, I will move on to Sophie.  Mmmm, lets start on a hoof.”

” That’s a little tough.  I’ll try the rump.  Nice and tender.”
“Nope, I’m still crabby.  Uuuu, an iPhone.  That will distract me for a while.  I can call my peeps.”
“I’m just a happy go lucky baby.  Don’t pay any attention to my hand wandering over to the keyboard.  hehehe.”

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