Working on sitting up

For the past few weeks Rose has been able to sit on her own…. kind of.  If placed in a sitting position by an adult and then said adult sat with his/her legs around her she will sit and play with a toy in a tripod position while occasionally bouncing back and forth against the adults legs as she drifts from one side to the next.  Tonight we witnessed her actually attempting to get into a sitting position all by herself.  She made it about half way.

Any attempt by her to make it further would result in her falling flat on her face.  Any attempt by us to show her how to get further up would result in her falling flat on her face.  So, she spent a lot of time tonight lounging in the ‘model on the beach’ pose.  Until now I never really thought about just how a baby learns how to do things like sit up on their own.  Is it a thought out process of looking for a way to sit up or was it just dumb luck that she happened to tuck her butt cheek in, put her arm out and realize “Hey!  I’m almost sitting up!”?
Showing Dad how it’s done.
“Look what I can do!  You must think its pretty neat since you keep pointing that flashy thing at me.”

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