A mothers prerogative

Today I had a plan. I was going to feed Rose at her usual 9:30-10am time then put her in the car seat and let her have her nap while I drove to the grocery store for the weeks groceries. This would get me to the store at a reasonable time which would give me plenty of time the rest of the day for chores. This was a great plan, a well thought out plan, a plan that would allow me to be one of those mommies who do it all and get things done. I had a plan.

Then, as I watched my little girl nurse herself into a milk coma, all thoughts of getting errands taken care of and chores done disappeared from my mind. As a working mom I get so little time with my baby during the week. An hour in the morning and two at night. I know she is being taken care of by a wonderful and loving woman during the day but it doesn’t stop me from missing her like crazy.

When she had slipped into a contented slumber, I curled up on the couch and snuggled her in my arms for her entire 2 hour nap with no regrets. Happiness truly can be found in the face of a sleeping baby.IMG_1880_edited

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