Holy Diapers Batman! Rose is 6 months old!

It seems like yesterday (or at the most last week) I was FINALLY feeling the blessed effects of the epidural kicking in after 48 hours of ‘pre-labor’.  (Pre-labor my foot!)  A wonderful nights rest later, a much smaller Rose gave her first (of many) very POed cries.
It’s hard to believe she once was this small.


Now our little girl is eating ‘solid’ food, grinning up a storm and crawling like its going out of style.  She still doesn’t sit up fully on her own but has found a modified position for a substitute.   Here she is showing off her ‘Model on a Beach’ pose.


No talking yet although not from lack of effort from her parents from whom often repeated ‘Mama’ and ‘Dada’ can be heard echoing through the house.  However, my money is on ‘Hi!’ being the first word uttered from her mouth as that is spoken by all those around her in an effort to see that beautiful grin.

Happy 6 month birthday Baby Girl!



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