Rose, the future physicist

Apparently Rose was paying attention during Physics 1D at UCDavis (since she was nestled in my ovary at the time obviously the intelligence comes from my side of the family).  She has determined that if she tries hard enough she can Tunnel.  Tunneling is the phenomenon in which a particle penetrates a barrier previously thought to be impenetrable.  Once she mastered crawling, she felt strongly that she should be able to crawl through ANYTHING!  This includes walls, chairs, boxes and people.  I’ve watched her try to crawl through the couch, pause, try to crawl through the couch, pause, and try again.  Goof.  Someday, she may be written into history as the first baby to successfully Tunnel through the kitchen wall, but until then, note the red mark at the top of her forehead from her latest failed attempt.


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