Signs of spring.

This morning Rose saw all the greenery outside and ‘requested’ an expedition to explore.  So we packed ourselves up and followed Steve down for the morning horse feeding.

“Ready to go Rose?”  “You bet Mommy!” 

While it is not yet officially spring, here in our part of California, late winter is a time of lush green grass and emerging bulbs.  The horse’s coats are shedding and they are taking every opportunity to ask for scratchies to assist in the removal of their under coat.

There are mats for the hitching post under there somewhere.
The first bulbs of spring. 
Ranger showing the little grass that can survive on the outer track of the horse run.

Watching Dancer eat his breakfast.  Rose was making excited cooing noises and kicking.  She is going to be a horse woman!
Getting a closer look at the flowers.  Right after this picture she tried to eat it.  🙂 

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