Solid foods and progress in sitting up.

On Sunday, Rose had her first taste of solid foods.  We started with brown rice cereal, more for the non staining factor than anything.  She has taken to it like a champ!  Apparently all the intent staring at her parents as they ate paid off.  Right from the start she was opening her mouth for the spoon.  However, once the food was in her mouth, figuring out what to do with it took a while.  Last night, she finally really figured out the tongue movement needed to get it back far enough to swallow efficiently.  Man, was she excited after that!  Legs were kicked and hands were waved if I didn’t get the spoon over to her fast enough.
“Thanks Grandpa and Nana for my totally awesome hi-chair!
“Are you going to give me some more of that or not?”
I am amazed on how quickly she progresses with something once she figures out how to do it.  Last night she figured out how to maneuver herself into a sitting up posture on her own.  This is not a very stable position and soon results in the imitation of a felled tree.  Also, the temporary stability of the sitting may have been helped by the fact that her legs kept getting caught up in the body of her jammies thus holding them in an almost cross legged position.  We will have to see if she can perform the same sitting posture in pants.  🙂
Like my new yoga position?”
  She is also working on pulling herself up.  Right now, the effort finds her in a kneeling or sitting on her feet position which also results in the felled tree imitation most of the time.  We now have a video of her doing that imitation into the kitchen wall after an exploration of the light socket covers.  Time to bubble wrap the house!
“Look Ma, no hands!


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  1. Awww… You're so lucky that Rose dove right in to solid foods! Some babies do, and some babies don't. Sonia is the the latter group. It sounds like Rose is doing awesome in terms of crawling and pulling up! Good job, girlfriend! Sosi had those same teddy pajamas, and I almost cried when I had to put them away when she outgrew them. They are stinkin' cute!!!

  2. I can just imagine Nancy and Warren doting on that beautiful little girl! Isn't it funny watching the babies overcome their original instinct to spit out solids in their mouths? It makes for an awfully messy meal…

  3. I'm thinking she dove in so readily because she spend so much time staring at Steve and I eating. She would make chewing motions. 🙂 She has such intense concentration while eating. She is trying to fully figure it out so hard!

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