What do you do…..

when your 6 month old daughter has an icky cold and hasn’t napped more than 30 minutes all day?  Head to Soda Springs Ski Resort of course!  Rose has been fighting a cold that for the past day or so and, with her stuffy head and cough, has had a hard time getting any napping in (eating has been an adventure too).  One of the best ways to get an overly tired little girl to sleep is to take her for a drive.  Now where could we go that’s at least an hour away?  To the snow! We drove up, stayed about 30 minutes and drove down.  The things you do for your kids.  🙂  Rose slept both down and back.  Wohoo!

Practicing her chair lift technique.
Smiling for the camera.

Getting warm by the fire.
Burning off energy for the sleep home. 


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3 Responses to What do you do…..

  1. Great pictures! Rose certainly doesn't look sick…she looks adorable!
    Hope she gets better soon!

  2. That made me chuckle Val! She certainly is the happiest baby I've ever seen, even sick she smiles that big smile. Hope she's feeling better.

  3. Driving just so the baby will sleep is a genius move, made all the more genius by driving to a super cool destination! I hope poor li'l Rose feels better soon…. I have heard that there are at least 200 cold viruses out there– she's getting a jump on developing her immunity to at least one of them!

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