When Babies Attack!

Baby attacks are rarely captured on film.  The following pictures may be disturbing.  View at your own risk.

You can see here, the baby shows her ‘teeth’ to the camera in an expression meant to cause the victim to relax and drop his guard.  From the relaxed posture of the future victim it seems to be working.  Note the hand on the leg used to feel for muscle tension.

As soon as the victim is distracted, the baby goes for the take down and tries to disable the legs.

The victim tries to fight back, using his leg length to pin the baby to the ground.
The baby retaliates, using her superior jaw power honed by weeks of chewing on rubber giraffes.
The baby escapes the leg hold and goes for the jugular.
The victim tries one last desperate attempt to hold off the baby as he is driven to the ground.
Alas, it does no good and the baby goes in for the kill.
Another innocent victim of a baby attack.  May he rest in peace.


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2 Responses to When Babies Attack!

  1. Val – that story line was just too precious for words! Looks like little Rose has papa wrapped around her little finger already 🙂

  2. I showed this post to my parents, and they laughed hysterically!

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