7 months of love

Where did February go?  It seems like I was just writing Rose’s 6 month update and here she is at 7 months.  Well, 7 months and a few days because I got all caught up in when to post her 7 month update in a month with no 30th.  That and playing my new Wii during the time I usually blog.  haha.

Rose’s desire to be mobile is growing every day.  

She crawls like a pro…
Pulls herself up on everything and everyone.  ‘Rose I know he’s cute but you are a little close.’

 Even if it is an unstable support and she is hampered by cute but too big clothing.

She also has two bottom teeth poking through much to the determent of anyone who lets her chew on their finger.  The first tooth caused a whole lot of fuss and a sleepless night for all of us.  The second came as a bit of a non event as she was deep in a cold at the time and I think was too miserable to be bothered by it.
So happy 7 month b-day my little cutie.  May you continue to thrive.

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