8 month baby brag

Lets face it.  These monthly updates are just an excuse to brag about the wonderfulness of Rose so I decided not to beat around the bush with the title.  hehe.

How could I not brag about this cutie?

Rose is pulling herself up on everything as anyone within crawling distance can attest.  If you stand or sit in one place for every long you will soon feel little hands tugging on your pants leg as she pulls herself up.  Once she’s up however, be careful as her two lower teeth are getting rather prominent and are SHARP!  The cute ‘oh she is chewing on my finger/leg’ ain’t so cute anymore.

“Please Mommy!  Can’t I nibble on your knee?”

She has even been known to stand for short periods of time although more just by happenstance instead of a conscious effort on her part.  We are thinking walking is still a few months off.

“Look Ma, no hands!”

Brought on by her intense desire to be on the move, diaper and outfit changes have turned into Olympic events specializing in wrestling greased pigs.  These are no holds barred, “wish I had 4 hands”, “Rose stop trying to get the cat”, “Rose stop trying to grab the diaper”, “Rose stop trying to crawl away”, “Rose let go of my arm”, “Yes Rose, that’s your daddy.  No you can’t go to him” events.  Sigh….

“I don’t know what your talking about.  I’m always lay perfectly still.  hehe.”

Just this past week she has learned how to put puffs and yogurt melts into her mouth.  Previously she would eat them only when you placed them in her mouth for her.  For a baby that puts everything possible into her mouth you would have thought she would have caught on earlier.  So far we haven’t found a food that she doesn’t like.  However, there are some I think I may not feed again for a while due to the stinkyness of diapers they produce (asparagus).

“One puff, two puff, three puff, yum!”

We are still at two teeth although with the slight gum swelling, fussyness at night, runny nose and increased desire to chew on everything (if that’s possible).  I’m guessing it won’t be long before we have some top teeth poking through.

“Better watch out, I’ll take you out like this bear!”

One of the cutest things she has started doing is ‘sharing’ whatever she is chewing on.  If you go down to her level and open your mouth she will, more often than not, hold out whatever toy she is currently gnawing on so that you can partake in the munchy joy as well.  Very cute, although I admit to passing on the delight of chewing on the slobbery object most of the time.  🙂

Happy 8 month birthday little girl!



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2 Responses to 8 month baby brag

  1. BEST POST EVER!!! Way too many cute pictures to mention each one. That sun hat is ridiculously cute! And isn't self-feeding so frickin' cute? The careful, deliberate way each puff is placed into the open mouth…. Dude, why do babies feel the need to gnaw on whatever they just used to pull themselves up? Sosi has also just recently started "sharing" her drooly toys. If I'm not paying attention, I'll suddenly get a smear of saliva across my cheek. Cute and ew-y at the same time!

    Has Rose pulled your pants down yet while using them to pull up? I was wearing some loose pajama pants the other day, and down they went!

  2. Oh yes, I was wearing some loose yoga pants the other day and before I knew it they were down around my ankles. She thought it was pretty funny. I was just thankful we were alone!

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