Now those are ‘baby’ carrots

I went down to the garden this morning to rescue a couple of garlic bulbs I had planted the previous Fall.  My dad was going to come over soon and rototiller the garden where they were planted.  After I dug up the garlic (which look more like green onions due to being so young) I remembered the carrot seeds I planted last October then promptly forgot about.  Further investigation reveled tiny green sprouts among the weeds.  A lot of careful weeding later, I had two rows of baby carrot greens.  Some thinning needed to be done (I hate thinning.  It reminds me of plant murder.) so I started pulling up the plants that were bunched together.  What do ya know, there were little tiny carrots developing at the bottoms of the greens.  I think these are the very definition of ‘baby carrots’.  🙂

Another view.
Very garlicky smelling ‘green onions’.  🙂
Some pictures taken just because I had the macro lens on the camera.  🙂


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3 Responses to Now those are ‘baby’ carrots

  1. Were the carrots edible? They look yummy!!!

  2. Yep, very sweet. Not very filling though. 😉

  3. lol…I was thinking your horses would love them, greens and all.

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