A trip to the zoo

Rose has always loved animals.  Whenever she sees the cats or the horses she kicks, waves her arms and makes the cutest grunting noises.  You can always tell when one of the cats wonders into the room.  🙂  Thus we figured that a perfect thing to do on a beautiful Saturday morning would be a trip to the local zoo.  (Having kids is a great excuse to put off chores and go have fun)


Rose had a blast!  The Folsom Zoo is a great place for really getting up and seeing the animals.  Because it’s more of a sanctuary than a zoo and it’s limited in size, the animals are all fairly close to the pathways.  It would also be a great place to take older kids to expose them to the types of animals that are in the wild in Northern California.  Most of the animals are native to the area and they have very good descriptions of the habitats and habits of each species.  We got a really good lesson in the dangers of mountain lions.  There was a little kid running back and forth in front of the enclosure and suddenly one of the lions started to stalk the little guy.  Obviously the kid wasn’t in any danger but you could see how the lion was effortlessly following him.  Scary!

Rose shows her excitement over seeing a wolf.  Little grunting noises accompany this face.
This was what she was looking at.
The adult bears were sleeping but we did get a picture of a baby one.
Watching a raccoon play in the water.

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