Baby vs. Bear

In another amazing photographic feat, a rare battle between a baby and a bear has been captured.  The graphic nature of the following pictures may bother those with a more sensitive nature.  Viewers be advised.

The bear and baby face off across the terrain of Daddy Ridge.
The bear makes the first move causing the baby to counter with a defensive maneuver.
The baby weaves to the right and grabs a paw.
Not deterred, the bear attacks from above but the baby counters with her patented ‘stand and grab’ technique.
The bear takes the baby down!  It looks like he has her pinned in a ‘bear hug’.
But wait!  She is over coming the hold!
The baby attempts to get away but the bear isn’t giving up easily.
Now the baby has the upper hand!  It looks like the end is near.
Baby 1, Bear 0

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