10 month baby brag

Oh my goodness. Two months until Rose is 1 year old. Two months!!! I guess we better start planning her birthday party. As it’s going to be in the middle of summer I’m thinking it should involve water. Princess and water maybe…. (Yes, I know she will not care what ‘theme’ I choose but I need to do stuff with princesses and pink and pretty things now just in case in a few years, when she develops an opinion, she decides to be a tom boy, like her mother did)

The biggest development coming into 10 months is her continued mastery of walking. She is to the point where if where she is going is 10 or less steps she will turn and walk instead of crawl. Don’t get me wrong. When there is something to get to that is really exciting (a cat) or might not be there for a long time (a cat) or is a touch too far away (a cat) she will still drop down and crawl. An engineer at heart she knows what is still the most efficient and reliable method of transportation.

Otherwise she continues to give kisses. (warning to turn and give her your cheek as these are a bit slobbery)

And make funny faces.And be loved by her daddy.
And be tormented by her daddy. (He was blowing in her face. It made her laugh)IMG_5352
And torment her mother.


And experience her first raindrops. (We realized she had never been out in the rain yet. She wasn’t too thrilled with it. haha.)

Keep on thriving baby girl. We love you.



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3 Responses to 10 month baby brag

  1. Woohoo Rose! Love these pictures Val, absolutely gorgeous. You've got some great scrapbook photos for sure.

    p.s. nothing beats that smile she puts on your face!

  2. The photos are just gorgeous! And that little girl is utterly edible!

    Tip on the birthday party, if she has cousins: tell THEM to plan it. I told my sister to tell my five-year-old niece that she's in charge of decorating for Baby Eliza's party. I fully expect a shower of sparkles, Disney princesses, glitter and stickers, and I won't have to lift a finger!

  3. I wish she had cousins nearby. That's a great idea! Unfortunately she is the first 'baby' in the family that lives anywhere near us.

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