Amgen Tour

My friend Laura and I packed up Rose and headed into Auburn on Sunday to wait around for a few hours in order to watch 30 second of bicyclists going by. After a very yummy breakfast (which included strawberry lemonade mimosas, yum!) we wandered around Auburn for a while then camped out by Old Town Pizza and waited. And waited. Then we stood by the curb and waited while watching the lead cars and chp guys go by. And waited. Then zoooom! They were here and gone. I think I saw Lance’s back.

Rose did amazing well for being out and about for such a long time. Although I would like to thank the genius who invented the graham cracker. You may have made them messy but you kept my daughter from going over the edge right before the racers came by. Now to remember to put the Bjorn in the wash tonight.

Is that Lance I see?
Maybe he’s here?
Mmmmmmm, graham crackers…….

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