Happy 9 months baby girl!

My sweet little girl is now 9 months old.  If you go by the old adage that “a woman is pregnant for 9 months” (ha ha more like 10), then she has now been out in the great big world for the same amount of time that she was hiding in my belly.  Wow.

“I was in where?!”

 Rose continues to develop both her mental and physical prowess in baby steps (pun intended).  Her curiosity continues to grow along with her hand eye coordination giving her the ability to sort through the toy bin with ease.

And play the cake pan drums like a pro.
And manipulate her spiny-twisty toys.
She continues to stand on her own more and more.  Occasionally she will take a step or two but doesn’t seem to have any huge desire to head off running.  Phew!
We are clapping our hands right along with you my dear.  Even when you chew on your daddy’s tie.

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