Father’s Day Part 1

As we have for the past four years, my brother and I treated my dad to tickets to a Rivercats baseball game.


The Rivercats are the local minor league team here in Sacramento which gives them several distinct advantages to heading into San Fransisco to watch the Giants. First, the tickets are cheaper. We are talking $19 for very good seats. Second, it’s a smaller field so it’s not nearly as crowded, ie you can get back to your car and back on the freeway in under 10 minutes. Third, being close to home, it saves a few hour drive too and from the bay area. Can’t beat that! While this game in particular ended up being a little on the slow side (plus they lost) there have been several games where plenty of excitement is had all around.


Being Father’s Day there were kids and their dads EVERYWHERE! Seriously, I think there were more kids then parents including lots and lots of babies. We had made the decision early on not to bring Rose to the game as a very active 10 month old does not mix with 3-4 hours of sitting in one spot. I wouldn’t have been fun for either of us. She didn’t seem to broken up about it though as she got to spend the time with her grandparents on Steve’s side. I know she had loads of fun because when we walked in after being away for a number of hours she barely glanced up from her game of paddy cake with her grandma. 🙂

My absolute favorite thing about the game (besides spending the time with family of course) was seeing the large number of dads walking around holding their kids. (You can see one of the cuties and his dad in the first pic) I’m not talking about men grudgingly carrying their young ones because the mom is too busy with the others but dads proudly displaying their little ones like they were the best Father’s Day gift they could get. I could see the barely suppressed smug smiles of ‘my kid is the cutest kid here’ while they carried them, not tucked back against their shoulders but out in front of their chest so the whole world could admire their adorableness.


Until I became a parent I never really noticed these things so I have no idea is this is a ‘newly acceptable’ thing. For dads to be confident enough in themselves and their masculinity to be able to openly show their pride and affection with their children. New or old, I for one love it! It made me tear up just a little bit every time I saw it.

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