Father’s Day Part 2


Between the baseball game with my family and brunch with Steve’s family, Sunday was pretty full up.  Therefore Saturday became the unofficial “Father’s Day” for Steve.  The whole day was free (for once) and it had been a long time since we had headed off on any kind of vacation we packed up Rose and headed to Carson City.  What the heck is in Carson City you ask?  Why the Nevada State Railroad Museum of course!


Shortly under Steve’s love of family and friends is his love of trains.  He can’t wait for Rose to become old enough to play (and not try to eat or bash into pieces) model trains with him.  She already has a pink engineers hat.  I think he has a little worry in the back of his mind that she will end up being to ‘girly’ to want to play with him but I was once a little girl and I know that little girls love nothing more than hanging out with their dads.  Sure there may be time she will grow too old but he will just have to wait a few years.  She’ll come back around.


The train museum is really nice.  A little on the small side but it has a few nice sized engines and several interesting cars.  There is even a train ride that runs around the museum grounds.  This made Father’s Day all the better because Rose got to go on her first train ride with her Daddy.  We sat in the car right behind the steam engine and Rose loved to look at the steam (it’s what she is looking at in the pic above)


She had a blast sitting and looking at everything going by and of course charming everyone around her.


 After the train ride we checked out the museum.  They had several things there for little kids to look at including two Thomas the Train layouts and this cool ‘engine’ they could climb on and fiddle with.  I think we have a train lover in the making. 


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  1. Aw! It looks like y'all had a beautiful time!!!

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