Snakes Alive!

I had a first last night.  After 8 years of living on the property I saw my first full grown rattlesnake.  I was in the barn getting the horse’s dinner ready and just when I was about to walk onto the hay pile I heard that signature rattle.  Looking down I saw a fairly good sized specimen of snakehood about a foot away and coming my way.  Let’s just say a rather quickly made myself scarce! Thanks goodness for that rattle!

Steve, a whole lot braver than me, armed himself with a shovel and went on a snake hunt.  He moved all the hay bales but didn’t find him.

Rose and I looked around outside.
Finally we found it curled under the workbench.

It was too far back to easily get to it so we called Animal Control.  Ok, we called our neighbor who works for Animal Control and he came over with his cool long handled snake grabby thingy and scooped it up.  I didn’t get any pictures of it as I left the camera up at the house but it was about 4 feet long and fat.  I was hoping to see a nice fat lump showing that it ate one of the barn rats but no luck. 

As for the snakes fate?  Let’s just say he is taking an extended vacation to visit his ancestors.

Now to keep the barn closed up tight from now on!

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  1. Rebecca

    *shudder* I'm glad your photo isn't a close up. Snakes make me gag with disgust. You are a brave woman to go back out and look for it. Blech!

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