The birth of a front lawn

For Christmas this year my dad and brother gave Steve, Rose and I the wonderful and glorious gift of a front lawn.  For the past 5 years our lawn had consisted of basically mowed weeds.  Not something Rose would like crawling across.  Heck, nothing I liked walking across with barefeet.  So a month or so ago, a rototiller was brought in and all the old dead weeds were tilled under. 

“What the heck did you put me down in?  It’s dirty!”

“Hi ho!  Hi ho!  It’s off to work I go!”

The work crew rototillering and picking out the numerous rocks.

“Let’r rip Daddy!  I’ll drive!”

Rose testing out the first roll of lawn.

It was a little wet and muddy.

A little washing up was needed after the above picture.  Rose didn’t mind.

Lots and lots of rolls.

“Thanks Grandpa and Uncle Dusty!  I love my new lawn!”


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3 Responses to The birth of a front lawn

  1. aw, how precious. she looks so cute in the middle of your first GRASS lawn. <3

  2. Daniel

    Wow, great job! The transformation of your lawn is amazing and it looks beautiful now, however, it is very important to maintain this beauty.
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  3. Michael Jones

    Excellent article blog sharing. Amazing working for creating a new garden for home. Garden has increased your home beautifulness. I am also starting to make a new garden in front of my house.

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