The great pantry organization

Life on 5 acres can be stressful in the spring.  The garden needs to be planted, watered and weeded, the pastures need to be mowed, because we live on the side of a hill and can’t use a tractor on most of it without fear of rolling down, most everywhere needs to be weed eated for fire safety and snakes, hay needs to be bought, horses need to be vetted and those darn blankety blank trees that keep popping up in the pasture need to be taken out again.  Before Rose, our weekends and evenings would be filled with the above mentioned activities and while it would take quite a few weeks to get it done, by this time of the year we would be mostly caught up.  Ok, we would never be done (who is?) but we would at least have a good handle on the projects.  Now, after Rose, the list of projects grows at a much faster rate than we have time.  Between Steve’s new job and his various activities and me having to keep an eye on the wee one, not much has gotten done (Rose only tolerates the backpack so long and it is darn hard to bend down and weed with her leaning waaaay over to the side to see what I’m doing).  
It’s driving me nuts… 
I’m not an obsessively clean person (my not spotless house can attest to that) but the overgrown property is really starting to get to me.  Luckily we came up with the idea to hire my brother to do the bulk of the weed eating (Thank you Dustin!).  I get just a little bit more sane every time I find a newly cleared area.
In the mean time I am finding projects to do inside the house that can at least partially satisfy my desire to put my life in order and get things done.   The pantry is an example of this.  Last weekend I went to get something from the pantry and after fording through the boxes and bottles on the floor while trying to not be buried alive by the mountain of plastic and paper bags I decided that I had enough.
So I emptied out everything.

Rose assisted me in sorting.  Notice she went straight for her yogurt melts.

All done.  For now.


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2 Responses to The great pantry organization

  1. Beautiful! I love reorganizing things rather than getting hard jobs (like yard work) done! Does Dustin travel to Tennessee very often? We have some pretty massive weeds outside.

  2. Oh yes. Organizing is all the feelings of accomplishment with half the effort. 🙂

    I'll ask Dustin about the travel but I'm thinking after he is finally done with our property it will be winter. 😉

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