11 month baby brag

Rose is going to be one year old in one month.  One month….. I really need to start planning her party!


Babies need a DVR feature.  We should be able to pause their growth during the cute times, rewind occasionally to relive fun stages and then have some time saved up to be able to fast forward past the tough stages.


Right now I want to hit the pause button because it is such a joy to watch her explore her world and develop her personality.  She walks everywhere with the occasional spurt of running/controlled falling.  She loves to be chased and will squeal with delight and run till she falls if you run after her, then put on baby turbo boost to crawl away at top speed.  She knows how to wave and just started blowing kisses although this morning she blew me a kiss and then blew me a raspberry.  haha.  I’m thinking we will try more signing and she if she catches on.


She has discovered my drawer full of measuring cups and will babble excitedly as she sifts through them.  She will take out two, bang them together to see how they sound and then exchange them for two more until she finds a combination that includes one that is metal (they make the loudest noise) and then walk throughout the house singing and playing the measuring cup cymbals.


We are working with her to climb up and down the stairs safely.  One of the best things we have taught her so far is to climb down from something by scooting over to the edge backwards and sliding down feet first on her belly.  When she first started getting mobile enough to want down from the couch or chair or whatever, we would always turn her around and slide her down with her belly to the couch/chair/etc.  Somehow that stuck in her head and now she does it automatically.  I’m not saying that my hand isn’t always hovering over her back while she maneuvers herself down but it sure does help my nerves to know that in general she will not be launching herself off things head first.  Phew!


We are up to 6 teeth now and, judging by the off and on sleep issues at night the next set is coming soon.  I’m wondering if it will be her molars as there are huge lumps under her gums that seem to get bigger every time I look.


Here’s too another month of baby snuggles, baby giggles and baby kisses.  We love you baby girl.  Don’t grow up too fast.

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