A love letter to my BOB stroller

Oh my darling BOB Stroller,

How do I love you.

You hold my darling Rose safe and secure as I use you and abuse you in ways you were not always designed for.

You have bounced and rattled across the pasture to move sprinklers and hose, my Rose giggling with every jolt.

You have stayed upright as I push you up our steep hillside rolling easily over the sticks and rocks along the way.

You have doubled as a race car, a horse and carriage and a train to keep my Rose amused on walks to the mailbox, spinning easily with your single front wheel in tight circles.

You have soothed my Rose to sleep when she was days old and only motion would close her little eyes. Around the foosball table, into the kitchen, around the kitchen table, across the living room, into the entertainment room and back to the foosball table. Your handle the perfect height to prop a book up on.

And just recently you have doubled as a hay transport for me when I’m single parenting and it’s too hot for the baby backpack.

Love and kisses,

Bob stroller


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2 Responses to A love letter to my BOB stroller

  1. stan

    Kudos to Bob!

  2. Precious picture! … & I'm sure this poem touched BOB's front wheel.

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