In an example of how the longer you are married the more you think alike, Steve and I got each other the same thing for our 10 year anniversary.  A painted portrait by Victoria Brooks. How cool is that!  We took a bunch of pictures when we were up at Tahoe last weekend and now have the very difficult decision of choosing which one.  I have narrowed it down to a top six and just can’t decide.  So I’m throwing it out to the ‘web’ for thoughts and idea.  Help!

I like how this shows both of our faces.

One of those ‘walking together into the future’ shots.

The intimacy of this one is nice.

I like the background of this and the shadows.

I really like this one although I would have her paint Rose looking at me.

Ah, the classic mommy daughter picture.


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7 Responses to Opinions??

  1. I vote for the first one, for sure!!! All of the pictures are beautiful, though…. Fantastic!

  2. Before I even saw what Erin commented, I was voting for the first one too!!!!!!!! I also like the last one for some reason. You and Rose look so sweet together. I'm so happy to have a daughter. My biggest fear was having only boys… ; )

  3. Love #1 and LOVE #5. They're all beautiful though, I think you're going to love it no matter which you choose! Great idea for a gift!

  4. Emma votes for #1, but I think I like #4 and #5 better. I'm having a hard time deciding between the two. Part of the reason I like 4 and 5 better is because of the background. It would be interesting to show them to the painter and see if she had any comments about what might come out the best.

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  5. Beautiful!!! Love the FIRST one. <3

  6. I think #1 is the winner. 🙂 I like it too because I can see a clear shot of Rose's cute face. I don't actually like seeing that much of my face but I guess the artist can make me better looking right? 😉 I think I may ask her to leave out the boats though. And make my hair longer. It is usually about 6 inches longer but I cut it off a few months ago to donate. Dont'cha love a painting? You can alter reality to make it what you want. 🙂

  7. I LOVE the first one!! So beautiful!! What a wonderful picture!

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