Rose Turns 1, Birthday Party #2

Once her Daddy and Grandfather were back home, it was time to have Rose’s ‘Official’ b-day bash.  We were going to host it at our house but once the weather report showed mid 80’s (in August…Crazy!) we moved the party to a local park.  This ended up being a big hit with the kids (there were several who were ages 2-5) as there was a nice play area for swinging and good rocks for climbing.  Rose had a great time and loved being passed from person to person.  While she is fully capable of walking, I don’t think her feet touched the ground more than twice.  🙂

Hanging with her Auntie Karen.

 Steve working the grill.

 Sliding with one of her favorite people, Megan.  I love her sparkly red shoes.  🙂

 Opening presents.  She got loads of great things and loves to play with them all.
Her Aunt Karen’s boyfriend made Rose this rain stick.  Rose had been admiring a bigger one he had made Karen over Easter.  She is so happy she has one of her own now.
Zack enjoying the kid friendly snacks.  Rose requested graham crackers, cheddar bunnies, cheerios and cheese.  From the looks of it he had already enjoyed the chocolate dipped cupcakes.  🙂

Rose’s cake.  She didn’t eat that much but really enjoyed the smooshing.  Note the lack of cute outfit.  Naked works best with sticky cake is involved.

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