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Not too long ago, I had no idea that I would be even contemplating a writing a blog post to the great wide webosphere about the trials and tribulations of diaper rash.  Fast forward a bit and here I am ready to whine to the world about how I had this wonderful epiphany on how to get Rose to eat her green veggies and it turned out to may be be giving her the worst diaper rash she has had in a long time.

Since the great Mango mishap of February 2010 in fact.

Oh spaghetti sauce, if you are to blame, I will miss you.  You were the answer to my prayers.  And the key to my sanity.

Luckily, while she is red and raw enough to make me want to walk a little bow legged in sympathy, she doesn’t seem to even notice.  We are slathering on the Desitin and Bag Balm but nothing seems to be helping.  Time to check with Google…

First off, there is a scary amount of photos available of baby ‘parts’.  While I appreciated comparing Rose’s rash with what was posted, I felt a little weird looking at them.  Let’s see.  Keep the baby diaper changed frequently.  Check.  Use ointment.  Check  According to the Google gods, I should also ‘leave my babies diaper off and play with her on a waterproof cloth covered in a towel for a while to give her girly parts time to breath.’

Uh hu.


I guess it’s time to search Amazon for a room size waterproof cloth because there is no way I can contain my very active toddler in an area the size of a towel.  Maybe a painters tarp?

The second Google suggestion is that it may be a yeast infection.  A what??  Who knew baby’s could get that.  That’s going to take a little more searching and maybe a trip to the doctor because I doubt I can just drive down to my local Walmart and pick up some Monistat 3.

So, bottom line, I guess we will keep slathering on the ointment and keep her away from anything acidic.  If by Friday she isn’t better, off to the $30 copay, I mean doctor we go.  Once it is gone, we will try a little more spaghetti and keep all fingers and toes crossed that it doesn’t return.

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