Swim party!

We went over to a friend’s house for a pool and volleyball party last weekend and Rose got to do a little of everything.  She swam, she helped her daddy play volleyball, she ran around the grass, she played with plastic ducks, she swam some more, she ate and ate and ate, she giggled and laughed and squealed.  By the end of the afternoon you could tell by her droopy eyelids that she had played hard and been put away wet (she kept sitting in puddles). 

Swimming with Daddy.  In the spa.  (It was a cool day)
 Rose playing with our friends mom a bunch.  Such a wonderful lady.  Rose loved her.  And his dad.  She snuggled in his lap during dinner.  🙂

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  1. Babies + water = FUN!!!! Rose looks so darn cute in her little tutu swimsuit…. What an adorable little water baby!

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