Then and Now at the Auburn Community Festival

Oh my, this is my 100th post.  Who would have thought when I started this blog back in January that I would get up to 100 posts in less than a year.  Crazy!
So in honor of my 100 postages, here is a photo comparison of my lovely Rose this year and last at the Auburn Community Festival.  What a change a year can make.
ps, Yes, Steve is behind her in each picture making sure she doesn’t fall.  ie we aren’t as bad of parents as it looks.  hehe.


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2 Responses to Then and Now at the Auburn Community Festival

  1. That is one adorable baby/toddler, but those are a couple of FREAKY huge pumpkins!

  2. Love it!

    Oh, and you are a way more responsible blogger than I am! lol.

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