Sleep TrainingSo tired.  So very tired.  If only it wasn’t all my fault.  Blaming someone else always makes it a little better.  😉  For the past few weeks, every few nights Rose has woken up crying.  Who knows why.  Teething?  Separation Anxiety?  Too warm?  Too cold?  The moon is lined up with Venus?  

Bottom line, the method we used (admittedly in a desperate attempt to get some sleep) was to pick her up and cuddle with her in the bed in the nursery.  She would fall right back to sleep and in an hour or so when she was fully asleep, you could put her back in the crib.  During that time we could get a little sleep ourselves.  

Now we have created a monster.  She demands that we pick her up for a cuddle.  Really, who could blame her.  Heaven knows I sleep a whole lot better when I can snuggle with Steve.  And it is so hard to say no to the teary eyed sweetheart disparately signing PLEASE and holding out her arms.  Oh my.

This led to last night.  Last night when we decided to let her cry it out.  No picking up.  No cuddling.  No sleeping in the bed.  Just the occasional head and back rubbing.    She woke up at 10:20pm.  She finally fell back to sleep around 12:40am.  Screaming and crying and very angry the whole time.  I don’t know if it was harder on me or her.  I finally had to turn on the t.v. and watch something as sleeping with angry crying washing over me sure wasn’t going to happen.

Please oh please have let her figured out that sleeping through the night is better.  Sleeping through the night is wonderful.  All the cool babies are doing it.  PLEASE!

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  1. OH! that is just SO precious! I love looking at my kids when they're asleep … even now reminds me of when they were like this, so angelic lol!

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