Stinky Baby Feet

Did you know that the feet of an active toddler can have an odoriferous stench when said toddler runs around in shoes without socks?  I didn’t.  And yet, the other day I was wresting with Rose I smelled the distinct sent of stinky feet.  First, I looked around for a pair of Steve’s socks.  Nope, none to be seen.  Was it me?  Nope.  Then I looked down and noticed Rose’s cute little feet waving close to my head.  Her?  Noooo, can’t be.  Sniff sniff.  Oh yes it is.

These little baby feet.  These little cute toes.  They smelled.  Bad.
She was pretty concerned about it.
So what’s a mommy to do?  Cover those feet with adorable pigs of course.  Problem solved.

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