Sunday Morning

My dearest Rose,

After such a fabulous Saturday afternoon I didn’t think it could get much better.  Then you proved me wrong on Sunday morning by making scooping horse poop fun.  You heard me, scooping poop was fun!  Crazy right?

You contently snuggled on my back in the Ergo (love love love love that thing!) for over an hour.  You pointed at the horses, saying “hu hu” with giggles and smiles.  You reached out with grasping hands to ‘help’ me rake, using all the strength in your little arms to manipulate the handle.   When set free to roam, you investigated every rock, twig and grass clump around.

Then you discovered the mower.  Oh, the mower.  The wonderfully, awesome mower.  You could turn the wheel and honk the horn (who’s sound mysteriously came from Mommy’s direction).

You kicked back and relaxed while you Daddy worked.
And after a long day’s work, you came inside for a well deserved snuggle with your Daddy.
I love you my darling.  You make me smile a million smiles every day.

Love and Kisses,
Your Mommy

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