A New Valentine’s Tradition

Steve and I never really did a whole big “Valentine’s Day” thing.  While technically it is the anniversary of our 1st date it also falls a few weeks after the anniversary of our first kiss (yes those are a little out of order) and we usually go on a mini vacation around that weekend (this year, Disneyland yay!).  Still, we occasionally like to reenact our first date and head over to Old Town Sacramento to the Round Table Pizza there.  We haven’t gone in a few years since the place has really gotten run down.  Like, ripped benches, dirty floors etc.  Yuck.

This year I came up with an even better idea and after picking up Rose at daycare, I met Steve at Old Town Pizza in Auburn.  Problem solved!  We are still going to our traditional pizza but now it taste’s sooooo much better.  Plus, the place doesn’t make me want to wipe my seat with a wet nap before sitting down.  Bonus!

Steve did an excellent job with Valentine’s day this year.  When Rose and I arrived at the restaurant I found a plethora of yummy and pretty things.  A beautiful card, wooden roses from him, Rose, our friend Reese and our friend Mark (you guys are the best!) and a whole bunch of yummy treats.  What a guy!

Feeding our little bird.
Ending the night with a little snuggling up to watch Elmo.


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3 Responses to A New Valentine’s Tradition

  1. That's so sweet! Sometimes it's best to revamp our traditions and give them new life. 😉

  2. Rebecca

    Awe, that's really sweet. You've got a great husband. It's so funny we did the SAME THING!!

  3. Rebecca

    Oh and that pic of Rose is way too cute!

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