The start of a new/old tradition

I have well loved memories of snuggling in bed at night with my mother when I was young girl and my dad was gone on business trips.  She would always do little things to make the time without my dad go quickly and keep my mind off his absence.  It may have been trips to McDonalds, renting a video (Splash, The Last Unicorn or The NeverEnding Story) or staying up a little late.  The thing that I remember the most though was climbing in bed beside her at night and knowing that she was beside me keeping me safe.

Steve has been gone on a business trip this week and while Rose has been handling it ok, last night I think she finally started to realize just how long he had been gone.  She was whiny, clingy and simply didn’t want to be further than 2 inches away from me all night.  Just very un-happyroselike.  So later that night, after a bath and jammies and tooth brushing I asked if she wanted to snuggle in mommy’s bed and watch Sesame Street.  She nodded her cute little head and led me into the bedroom with a big smile.  We cuddled under the covers, watching Elmo and Big Bird for a few minutes until she scootched down on the bed, pulled the covers up to her chin and wedged herself against me.  After I turned off the tv, I wrapped my long limbs around her tiny body and listened to her breathing slow.  I could feel her complete and utter trust in me.  Trust that I would keep her safe.  Trust that I would love her unconditionally.  Trust that I would always be there for her.  Just like the trust that I felt when my mom and I did the same thing so many years ago.  The circle is complete.


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  1. Awwww … you know, it's an "Asian Thing" to sleep w/our children for that very reason. I did mine and still bug them that they "owe me" a few more nights and they respond with, "MOOOOOM I'm not a baby anymoooooore" and I whine right back, "You'll ALWAAAYS be MY babyyyy" :/ lol! Sleeping w/your children makes for truly independent and confident people and I loved every minute of it. You hear it all the time and it's true as I prepare for Sierra to leave for college this fall … enjoy it while you can, it goes by too quickly. *HUGS* and thanks for sharing I just LOVE remembering how good I had it being able to raise mine 🙂

  2. Rebecca

    Awe, this made me tear up a little bit. The trust our kids have in us is so big that it humbles me when I think of it and I strive to protect that trust. Great tradition!

  3. Rebecca

    Oh, and I LOVE all those movies your mom would watch with you!!! *sigh* memories.

  4. Aren't those movies great? My parents must have been so sick of them. And since it was 'before affordable VHS', we always rented them. Over and over and over…. 🙂

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