A walk to Hidden Falls

This Mother’s Day, the best present I could get was time with my family. A hike on the Hidden Falls trails filled that requirement perfectly.
Once Rose learned the work ‘fast’ the two of them quickly got ahead of me.
We made it!
Just in time for a drink.  Rose luuuuved the Nalgien with the straw.
Proof I was there too.  Me and my little sweetie.
At the falls themselves, there is a wonderful overlook with fully toddler proof railing.  This was one minute before Rose let us know she needed to use the potty.  Closest potty was a mile or so back at the parking lot.  We walked fast.  She made it!


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  1. Go Rose!

    And go you guys for the fastest mile ever trod by adoring parents. BTW, this is why you always carry tissue on hikes. Just in case they can't make it back! (Um, plastic back, pack the tissue out.)

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