All Things Good and Hugh

I just had a simply fabulous day.  I drove (well my friend drove) to San Francisco, rode BART for the first time, ate a delicious lunch, wandered through a number of high end stores and drooled over the expensive clothes, got free samples of a very expensive and yummy smelling perfume, then…..wait for it…… saw Hugh Jackman sing show tunes, live, as in I was actually in the same building.  How cool is that?!  Sure we had to use binoculars to see him closely, but….the same room!!!  Man of man, he is even better looking in person.

And does that guy have a set of pipes!  He sang a variety of show tunes and kept us laughing in between.  My friend and I have determined that Hugh is the perfect man.  He is handsome, kind, loves his wife (she was there and he sung her a love song), is good looking, loves his kids (they were there too and he mentioned them a number of times.  You could just see the love), has a hot body, has a beautiful voice, is wealthy, and an all around nice guy.  Did I mention that he is good looking?  I sure hope he leaves his dirty socks on the floor or something. His wife needs something to complain about.  🙂

To make a great day even better, we took our time getting out of the theater and were in time to see him leave.  He stopped to sign autographs and we were within 15 feet of him.  Oh my, he was even better looking close up.  It was my first celebrity sighting and I must say it was a bit surreal.

We ended the day with a delicious dinner and aching feet from walking around San Fransisco.

I’ll say it again, a simply fabulous day.

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