Most nights I let her cry.

Most nights I let her fuss.
Most nights I let her sooth herself to sleep.
Most nights I can walk away knowing that she will be asleep in a matter of seconds after I leave the room no matter the whining I hear through the door.
Sometimes I make an exception.
Sometimes I stay and stroke her soft head.

Sometimes I stay and sing to her softly.
Sometimes I stay and whisper my love to her.
Sometimes I stay and listen to her soft breathing as she drifts off into dreams.


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3 Responses to Sometimes…..

  1. Isn't that the most perfect way to parent? I love it. Make the choices that are right for that moment: crying, soothing, etc.

  2. Anonymous

    Deja vu from 34 years ago. I still love you Val. Mom

  3. Abi

    Hello, I stumbled upon your blog and was struck by just how true this rings. Sometimes they/you just need that quiet soothing time at the end of the day. You have beautiful children.

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