Life on the ‘ranch’

This year I decided to do soil solarization in the vegetable garden to hopefully kill the copious amounts of weeds and the gosh darned gophers.  It got so bad last year that I was a little tempted to use weed killer and I’m very pro organic. 

And the gophers.  Oh the gophers.  I made wire cages to plant the tomatoes in because so many of them got eaten the year before.  The gophers simply walked up the to plants, cut them down like a beaver, and then dragged them to their hole. Arg!

Since, no garden means no fresh veggies, my dad suggested we try a handing tomato planter.  So far so good.  The tomatoes are growing well (the weather is finally hot) and it’s fun to watch the plant try to reach up to the sky.  I’m looking forward to seeing how they do.  Cross your fingers for some yummy tomatoes in another month!

My parents brought over a blue bird house a few months ago and soon there was a happy family living inside.  The coolest thing about this bird house was one side was hinged and when opened, a clear plexy glass panel showed what was inside.  Little birds!  This family has since grown up and ‘flown the coup’ and now the house is home to a pair of finches.


We have a HUGE lemon tree in the orchard and it is finally time to start picking.  Yay!  The next few months will be filled with picking and juicing and freezing the flavorful, tart, fresh lemons.  I’ve heard you can freeze the zest too which is worth a try.  Lemon Bars here I come! 


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