The big girl bed

Since every night the past few weeks, Rose has been pointing at the twin bed in her room saying ‘nigh, nigh (night, night)’, we decided it was time to transition her into a big girl bed.  I have to admit though that it made me more than a little sad that my little tiny baby was old enough to not only be big enough for a larger bed (she was starting to look a little squished in the crib) but to actually request it.  Sniff, sniff.

We took an example from my friend and decided to forgo the bed rail altogether and instead just put the mattress straight on the ground.  I did take the precaution of putting a few stuffed animals on the floor next to her though.  
Snuggled with Neigh (her horse) under Nana’s awesome quilt.
I think she likes the room to roll.  What do ya think?
So far so good.  We are three nights and and besides the intense begging each night for me to snuggle down and sleep with her, she has done great.  Fingers crossed!


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3 Responses to The big girl bed

  1. Awwwwww. Good job Momma 🙂

  2. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Love the before and after pictures. We did the mattress on the floor thing too, and it always makes it look like the kid's room is some kind of Russian orphanage or something. It's worth it in the long run though! 😉 Go Rose!!

  3. Franca Whyte

    Awww. Thanks mama for making bay comfy. There’s nothing as sweet as your baby sleep soundly and smiling. Thank you for this.

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