You know you’re the parent of a toddler when…..

1.  Your bathtub looks like this.
2.  You have diapers in every bathroom of your house, in your purse and in the glove compartment of your car.
3.  You have offered baby wipes to random strangers when they spill something.
4.  You bathroom looks like this.


5.  You have small containers of M&Ms; in every bathroom.

4.  Half of your DVR is filled with episodes of Sesame Street.
5.  You know who Mr. Noodle is.
6.  You know that Mr. Noodle has a brother and a sister.
7.  You are annoyed that there is apparently only 5 episodes of Abby’s Flying Fairy School for all 20 or so episodes of Sesame Street last season.
8.  You have spend time pondering the changes in Elmo’s hair styles.
9.  You freezer has been or currently is full of mysterious cubes of different colored purees.

10.  You have know, from experience, not to put stuffed animals into the drier.  This guy once had a long flowing mane and tail.


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  1. OMG- I actually LOL'd multiple times here. I mean really, you have pulled forth some nuances that I had thought to myself and not made public. Do you know how many times I've thought, "I'm certain that we haven't watched THIS episode of Sesame Street…but I KNOW I've seen this episode of Flying Fairy School…" or wondered if anyone cares about Elmo's hair placement before he goes on camera.

    LOVE IT!

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