Funderland with a capital F

Oh my, it’s been years since I had been to Funderland.  So many in fact that it didn’t even occur to me to take Rose once she hit the magical of 2 (you need to be 2 years or older to ride the rides).  Luckily her Nana and Papa remember the fun we had and took her last Friday.  She had such a great time that we all trooped over this Sunday to go again.


To say that Rose loves riding on roller coasters and the such is bit of an understatement.  This girl has defiantly inherited her Nana’s amusement park loving gene.  She dragged us all over the park requesting rides on everything there.  The rest of us had tons of fun as well because you can’t help but have fun when hanging with a giggling toddler.  I think we will be getting her a season pass next year.


The rides are all reasonably priced and even better, last for a fairly long time.  So long sometimes that I wondered if some of the little kids would get sick from going around and around so many times.  🙂


 I think she really thought that she was driving this ride.  She beep beeped her way through the entire drive.


 They even have a little log ride that Uncle Dusty took Rose on.


Of course there is a train ride.  What little kid amusement park would be complete without one.  Although this one is defiantly kid sized since Steve was just a little smooshed.


The only ride Rose didn’t go on with her grandparents was the plane ride since it looked too small for an adult and they figured she wouldn’t figure out the stick control.  Luckily her cousin Jackson was more than happy to give her a ride.  He is such a great pilot.  Even looking back and making sure she was having fun.


The roller coaster is a BLAST!  It goes quite fast and the drops actually lifted me off of my seat.  Rose laughed the whole ride and even put her hands up at the end.


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3 Responses to Funderland with a capital F

  1. Wow, that looks like fun! I didn't know the place even existed. I bet the boys would enjoy it too.

  2. What a fun place! Now I can't wait to bring Ro 🙂 P.S. cute shoes!

  3. Rebecca

    Oh my gosh it's been so long since I peeked in on your blog. Rose is getting SO big and even more adorable! I wish we had a Funderland!!!

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