Pumpkin Patching on a Beautiful Fall Day

We met up with some friends the past weekend and headed over to the Poppy Lane Pumpkin Patch.  Since Steve was going to miss Halloween this year, we dressed up Rose in her Halloween costume, a fairy princess.  It made for really cute pictures although by the time we left she was down to just the onesie.  To say that Rose had fun would be a bit of an understatement.  

There were hay mazes to crawl through…..
And horses to ride….
Slides to slide down…..
And bounces houses to bounce in.

The bounce houses, oh the bounce houses.  Rose L.O.V.E.S bounce houses.  They had one that was a giant tube that they bounce and crawl through.  I wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to get her to leave that one.

And as further proof of my daughters daredevil tendencies, she more than happily climbed up into one of those inflatable slides that is about 2 stories tall and flew down it at about 50 miles an hour.  Three times.  I would have posted a picture of it but she went so fast the camera couldn’t keep up.

When it was time to go she was practically in tears over the prospect of no more fun although she was slightly mollified by the prospect of a Taco Tree lunch.

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