Those fascinating toddler minds


Every day it seems like I am finding new aspects of Rose’s personality and new things that she has learned when I wasn’t paying attention.  A few months ago we were sitting in the car and suddenly she starts counting.  Not just 1, 2, 3, 4 like we had been practicing but all the way to 12.  What???  Now she is up to 20.  Then a few weeks ago she suddenly starts singing the alphabet song with me instead of just listening.  Ummmm, when did that happen?

And it’s not all abc, 123 stuff either.  Her logical use of tidbits that she has overheard has us snorting with laughter on more than one occasion.  Just last weekend we were down in the orchard pruning trees when I had one of those sudden ‘must eat now or I will pass out’ moments that come with pregnancy.   When Steve told Rose that we needed to head up to the house immediately so that I could eat she asked why.  He told her that ‘Mommy needed to eat because the baby was eating all of mommy’s food’.  That afternoon we were driving home from a party and she demanded to eat.  We told her that she could eat when she got home.  She replied with
‘Rose needs to eat.  Baby in Rose’s tummy eating Rose’s food.  Rose needs to eat NOW.’  
Silly goose.

Oh my darling girl.  What new thing am I going to discover about you today?


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  1. AHHH! ROFLMBO! OH ! how I love it! I love listening to little ones, they have the BEST things to say … *HUUGS* to that precious baby =)

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