Trains in L.A.


Around Christmas time we headed down to L.A. to see my mom’s family.  It was a brief visit but any minute spent seeing family is always worth it.  For Rose however, she came away from the trip with the secure toddler knowledge that we drove a really long time to see trains.  And it was worth every mile.  On the morning we were going to drive back up north, we headed over to Travel Town for a few hours.  Apparently there used to be old airplanes and fire trucks as well but they have all been given to other museums.  They really should just change the name to ‘Lots of Cool Trains Museum’.   Needless to say my train loving daughter had a blast.

 Driving the train by myself is fun…..
 but driving the train with Daddy is even better.
No trip to a train museum is complete without a train ride.….
 but riding on Daddy’s shoulders is awesome too.
Why is watching a toddler run so cute??

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  1. I love the video! Rose is getting SO big!!!

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