My little cowgirl

Rose came with me this morning to help feed the horses their breakfast.   This meant, of course, that the chore that usually takes 5 minutes took 15.  Being the forward looking mommy that I am however, I try to encourage a behavior of helping whenever I can (sorry Rose, you still can’t help stir the food cooking on the stove).  Helping with the horses has an added benefit to fostering her love of the tall fuzzy equines.  hehe.
Still, it has only been the last few months that I have felt confident in letting Rose walk beside me when I’m feeding as the horses who, while respectful of our space, can get a little worked up when food is involved.  This was a real heart in the mouth step in her toddlerhood.
In the morning, I spread the hay in piles all over the paddock to encourage the boys to wander and get some exercise.  This morning, the horses got both much smaller piles (when Rose could only grab a handful) and about half a flake (once I put the hay down to open a gate and she grabbed all that was left).  Rose then wandered about pointing out where she left the hay and chattering to the horses to make sure they knew where to go next.  Love it!
“Sorry Mommy, no time for pictures.  I have work to do!”
“I did it!  Do I have any hay on me Mommy?”
Looking at a happy horse and a job well done.

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