The great toddler train adventure!

For Steve’s birthday, my parents gave him and us tickets to ride the Amtrak up to Truckee.  This could have been the best present that Steve has gotten in a very long time.  Mostly because the joy that it brought his little girl.  She, like her Daddy, is a train lover and has been asking for a while now to go for a ride on one.  Well Saturday was her lucky day.  We rode the train from town into Sacramento and then from Sacramento to Truckee.  The trip into Truckee was a little long for her but she loved the ability to wander around the observation car and quickly made friends with the nice people sitting next to us.
Happily waving at the Engineer and completely oblivious to what was coming next.
“Oh!! My!! Gosh!!  I get to ride on that?!”
I don’t know if she could have been any more excited.
In Sacramento, we stopped by the train museum.  If you are ever in the area I would highly recommend stopping by.  It’s world class and a must see for any tiny train buffs.
Thanks to Great Grandma, we got to eat lunch in the dinning car.  Actually pretty good food.
The wonderful guy that he is, Grandpa Lease picked us up in Truckee and drove us back home.  With a stop by the cabin to play in the last of the snow of course.
Look, proof that I was there!
 Ya know, you don’t realize just how big you are getting at 33 weeks pregnant until you take a look at a picture.
Well, how big Evelyn is getting.
I blame any weight gain on her.
It all melts off after birth right?

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