It’s a Daddy thing….

I like to think of our family as being modern and progressive.  That Steve and I share equally in the parenting (both the good stuff and the bad stuff), that we talk through our parenting choices until we come to an agreement on how to raise our daughter, and that we both work to balance “bringing home the bacon” and making sure Rose has the loving support she needs.
However, I am forced to admit that there are some things that are truly “Daddy” things.
Like sharing his love of trains both big
and small.
Some things are simply because of his size like long arms,
legs (daddy slide),
and torso.
Some things purely because they make me catch my breath just watching them happen.  My estrogen to testosterone ratio is way off for these.
And some things just because he is who he is.  A man who loves his daughter with every fiber of his being.
Happy Father’s Day my darling husband.  You are a more wonderful father then I can ever say.

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  1. I LOVE this post… how incredibly sweet!

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