5 week Evelyn update

Apparently the inside of my uterus sounded like a washer and drier.  I had Evelyn in the Boba wrap tonight and she was fussing and crying her displeasure at being confined.  I was a week over due with the laundry so the poor girl was stuck until I could change the loads.  As soon as I turned on the washer and drier Evelyn closed her eyes, gave a big sigh and fell asleep.  Who knew?
She looked a lot like this.
My little Evelyn girl is growing like a weed.  At 5 weeks, she is well out of her newborn clothes and has started to grow out of the 0-3 month as well.  Definitely taking after her Daddy’s side of the family.
 She really looks big when riding in her big sister’s baby doll stroller.
She is starting to look around more and has longer periods of happy baby versus fussy angry baby.  Love that!
“Well, hello there!”

I am still waiting for that first smile.  Hopefully soon as I love baby grins.  Rose had a wonderful one.

 The Thinker.
We were swaddling her for sleep, expecially at night but she hated it.  It would allow her to sleep longer but she just fought it as she was going down.  So for the last few days we have just put her in a sleeper and let her figure out how to stay asleep.  So far so good.  She still give us a good 4-5 hour chunk at first during the night then falls asleep after a feeding.  Yay!
“No swaddle can contain these guns!”


Rose continues to love her baby sister although she demands her share of attention.  Having a three year old with a little baby sure is different.  Luckily Rose is in a fairly independent phase but it still takes a load of energy to juggle both kids.  Thank goodness I have a super helpful hubby and some wonderful parents and in-laws to help out.  I think I would be going nuts if I was doing this myself.  Those stay at home mommys and daddys who don’t have a good support system are amazing.
 Big sis and little sis.

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